If You See This On a Potato, Throw It In The Garbage At Once


Many of us have cans of expired food inside of our homes. If you have tasted sour milk, then you know that does not have a pleasant taste. However, just because something does not taste good, does not mean that it is deadly. There are many other things in your kitchen that can be harmful if they have expired.

One of those things is potatoes. Many people think that potatoes will last forever. However, expired potatoes have a toxin that can be harmful to humans. That is why if your potato has turned green, then you will need to throw it out immediately. Moldy bread is something else that you will need to throw away. Moldy bread can do more than just give you an upset stomach. It can increase the risk of cancer.


You also want to avoid eating raw eggs. You put yourself at risk for eating salmonella. If you are unable to separate the yolk from the egg white, then it has gone bad. Many people think that canned goods will last forever. However, they can spoil. That is why you should check the expiration date before you eat anything out of a can. Expired canned food can cause botulism. A wilted cucumber is something else that you will need to throw away. When the cucumber decomposes, it produces a chemical that can harm the intestinal lining.

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