WARNING: If You Bought This At Wal-Mart Throw It Out ASAP!


When you get groceries, there’s always a chance that something might be out of date that wasn’t detected while employees gathered items from the shelves. There could also be products that have been recalled that the store knows nothing about. If you’ve bought a few noted frozen items from Wal-Mart recently, then you might want to throw them away.

Wal-Mart is just one of a few retailers that has issued recalls in regards to bags of frozen peas and other vegetables that have been sold in the past year. Most of the items are frozen mixed vegetables and green peas that have been distributed by the National Frozen Foods Corporation.

There could be listeria in the frozen items. This is a limited recall, but if there are any of the items in your freezer, then it’s a good idea to throw them away. Most stores will offer a refund. Labels on the frozen products include Bountiful Harvest, Great Value and Market Pantry. There is a list online with specific serial numbers and “Best If Used By” dates. You can take the items to the store where they were purchased or contact a toll-free number online to find out what to do with the items.

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