VIDEO: He Cut A Tea Bag Up And Lit It On Fire. I Had No Idea THIS Was Going To Happen As A Result


There are many things that unexpectedly happen with common household items due to the fascinating sciences. One of these things is something that you can see for yourself right now if you would like to you, as most people have tea bags in their home. For this experiment, all you will need is a tea bag, a pair of scissors, and a lighter.

First, take the tea bag, and cut the top off, so that you can open it up. Then, pour out all of the tea grains, and open up the empty bad, so that it is in the shape of a tube. stand it up on its own on a hard surface, and then take a lighter and light the top on fire. Be careful during the step, and make sure your face is far away from the top of the lit tea bag. You will see the tea bag burn from the top to the bottom, and then it will do something amazing. It will fly up into the air once the flame reaches the bottom. Basically, you have just created a tea bag rocket, and this is very simple to do anytime.

Even if you do not like tea all that much, you might want to buy a few tea bags just to see how this works. It is truly fascinating that a simple tea bag can do something like this, and with such little preparation as well. Science can truly be miraculous in this way.

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