VIDEO: Ever Wondered How Your Luggage Gets Onto The Conveyor Belts At The Airport? I Had NO Idea This Was How It Was Done


It is truly amazing how airports coordinate transportation of people and their luggage. There are so many airlines in any given airport, as well as many different destinations just within each individual airline. Though many people complain of lost luggage at some point, it is actually quite amazing how well airports are able to keep track of luggage as it is transported where it is supposed to go.

The way this is done is actually simpler than many people would believe. The luggage is moved on conveyor belts, which is common knowledge to most people. However, the part that is truly interesting is the fact that there is a device that actually pushes the luggage into other pathways, so that it leave the main conveyor belt and goes on to a different one to reach a specific destination. It is quite interesting how this works, because there would need to be a sensor that can tell that this piece of luggage is destined for this particular conveyor belt.

This makes the whole system very efficient, and it saves the airlines money, as they can just have a machine separate the paths for the different pieces of luggage rather than have a person doing it that would have to be paid or the time that is being put in. Although there are some people that lose their luggage with the system, overall it does a very good job, considering that the very annoying loss of luggage does not happen that often.

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