TRUMP: If You Leave The U.S. To Join ISIS, You’re Banned From Returning For Life


Let’s face it, when Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, many people believed that it was a joke. Now, just a few weeks before the preliminary elections, Trump is the number one candidate for the Republican Party. Throughout this journey, Trump has been under fire due to something he had said. Whether you are for or against Trump for president, there is one thing that you can’t deny—the man isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

During a recent interview conducted by Stuart Varney, Trump gave his statements on how he would handle people who leave this country to join ISIS. “If they want to go out and fight for ISIS, I think that’s fine, but they are not coming back into this country if I become president.” He also admits that he finds it ‘incredible’ that under the Obama administration, people can leave and fight with this terrorist group and return with no questions asked. He proclaims that this will definitely change under his administration if he becomes president. Continuing the discussion on how Brittan is handling the terror issue, Varney mentions proposals that include closing mosques. Trump says that he would do the same if it looks to be a cover-up for terrorists.

Does Trump have the right idea on how to treat people who leaves America to fight with this terrorist group? Or are the rights of these citizens being infringed with banning them from returning after they are done fighting with ISIS?

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