This Squirrel Drinks Fermented Crabapples..When You See How He Acts Next? HA!!


Squirrels are an animal that almost everyone is familiar with today. You can find squirrels just about everywhere. They are in deep rural areas and in the middle of major cities. Squirrels are curious and inventive. They often test the boundaries and do things that other animals will not. They have managed to adapt to and survive in a constantly changing world without seeming to miss a beat. One family in a rural part of the country took a video in January of 2014 of a squirrel acting in a strange way.

The video shows a squirrel resting on a tree branch over a snow-covered yard. The person filming yells for the squirrel to get out of the tree. The squirrel lazily seems to climb down. It becomes apparent that something is not right when the squirrel is on the ground. The small animal starts to hop in a very unusual and amusing way. The squirrel does not seem to be able to make any headway. He has trouble hopping up a relatively minor snowbank. You can then see the squirrel hopping in place as he tries to move forward. The squirrel even hops backwards at one point.

It became clear that squirrel had become drunk by eating a large number of fallen crabapples that had fermented. This causes the apples to contain alcohol. Squirrels are not the only animals that end up becoming intoxicated from fermented fruits. A few other types of mammals, birds and bees will actively seek out fermenting fruit just to experience the intoxicating effects.

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