Teen Put Soda In A Water Cup At McDonald’s, Ends Up Charged With A Felony Offense


A recent theft-related incident has resulted in heated debates about police actions when dealing with teenagers and theft. On Monday, April 18, 2016, three teenagers attempted to steal self-serve soda from a McDonald’s in Springdale, Arkansas, located at 520 S. Thompson Street. According to the McDonald’s manager who witnessed the theft, the teens requested large waters with their meals at the drive-thru window, entered the fast food restaurant afterward and then attempted to replace the water with self-serve soda.

McDonald’s does not supply free large sodas with meals unless there’s a promotional event. The manager attempted to manage the situation by confronting the teens at their car. Although two of the teens gave the manager the stolen sodas, 18-year-old old Cody Morris attempted to drive away and physically harmed the manager three times: He backed into the manager, hit the manager’s hand while the manager attempted to shut off the car and then hit the manager with the vehicle a second time. Morris then fled the scene and effectively turned low-level petty theft that might have resulted in no serious charges into a serious robbery and hit-and-run case.

After locating Morris at a bowling alley, the police reacted by placing him in the county’s detention facility without bond until a Friday hearing for committing felony robbery. Some people believe that the police acted appropriately given Morris’ actions. Others believe that the punishment was too harsh given that teenagers often make poor decisions like attempting petty theft and fearfully running away.

An 18 year old in Springdale, Arkansas, was arrested after putting soda in a water cup, and proceeding to assault a McDonald's employee. The teenager, Cody Morris, went through the drive through with two friends, ordered cups of water, and then entered the McDonalds to pour out the water and steal sodas. When spotted by the store's employees, Morris allegedly bolted, and jumped behind the drivers seat. He physically hit an employee, and stuck them with his car. The police department released a statement, which said: "The decision to detain the alleged suspect was entirely up to the store employee. We never encourage anyone to put themselves in harm's way." Morris was released on custody after posting bail. He is due for arraignment on May 20.

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