Syrian Refugee Thinks He Can Steal From Smaller Cashier.. Then Gets THIS Surprise..


A young woman in Finland is receiving worldwide attention for her ability to stand up to a thief. Anna is a petite brunette who works in a grocery store in an area flooded with refugees. When she was working alone one evening, a man thought he could brazenly steal without her stopping him, since she does not look tough.

In the video, which has recently gone viral, Anna’s encounter with a potential thief is shown. The man casually walks past her register holding store items, chats with her for a moment, and then attempts to walk out of the store without paying. Though he thought Anna would be too scared to stop him, she starts fighting back. Anna chases the man down, grabs the object back from him, and forces him out of the store.


The owner of the grocery store is proud of Anna for working so hard to protect his property, but he does not want his workers to put themselves in danger. However, Anna does not feel like she is in any danger, because she was taught how to defend herself by her father and big brothers. Anna regularly uses pepper spray to force people to leave without taking items from the store. Though some people suggest that the potential thieves are starving refugees, Anna says that she is not a cruel person taking food from starving families. Instead, most of the thieves just try to steal alcohol or other luxury items.

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