She Was Watching Her Daughter On a Surfboard, What Happened Next..My Heart’s Still Pounding!


A mother and daughter were out on the water in Santa Cruz, California. The mother had kayaked out onto the water. Her daughter was near her taking surfboarding lessons. The waters off Santa Cruz are normally very calm and still. Not much happens there. The daughter was lying flat on her belly on the surfboard paddling forward towards an instructor sitting in another kayak nearby. Her mother was filming the lesson in the afternoon sun. This is when something amazing happened.

The water between the mother and daughter began to look like it was boiling. Small anchovies began popping up and out of the water. Two enormous humpback whales breached the surface of the water without any warning. They came up with their mouths open. The whales towered over the mother and daughter. They splashed down to the side and gracefully sunk back under the currents. A huge number of seagulls then descended on the area diving into the water. The seagulls filled the air with cries and they continually attempted to get some of the anchovies that were still near the surface.

Humpback whales track large schools of anchovies through the ocean. These whales were in a feeding frenzy. The whales use a tactic that involves getting under the anchovies and then speeding upwards with their mouths open. The whales swallow as many anchovies in the school as possible when rising to the surface. The seagulls understand this behavior and follow the whales. No one was hurt and the daughter quickly paddled over to the instructor’s kayak after the whales made their appearance.

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