She Lays Hers Newborn Triplets Together For Picture Day, But Never Expected To Capture A Moment Like This


Any baby is a gift. A mother had triplets, recently allowing a photographer to capture them on still pictures and video. Leslie Amy spent some time with the babies, watching as the mother would lay them down for a nap or talk to them in a way that only a mother can.

The Cangelosi babies are adorable and capture the hearts of those who do see them as they are of a small size. Leslie captured a few unique pictures while she was with the babies. She would change the hats that they had on, making them look different from each other. She swaddles them in blue blankets, taking a picture while they are on a white blanket.

Leslie is a photographer who spends a large amount of time with her subjects. She even include a Bible verse on the picture after it was edited. She placed crocheted hats on their heads and gave them a bottle to get them to sleep in order to get the best picture possible. There are pictures of the babies in a basket while wearing headbands and pictures of them laying without any clothing, nestled against each other while on tulle fabric. The session ended with a picture of the mother holding her babies in her arms.

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