Parents Disgusted With What Teacher Posted Online For Everyone To See


Amelia Grellville is a 24 year-old teacher from Bangkok, Thailand. She thought that there would not be any harm in getting lip injections. When she saw a Groupon deal that allowed her to get lip injections for a low price, she could not resist. Amelia is originally from England. She had used Groupon in the past and considered it a trust-worthy website. The Groupon deal allowed her to get lip injections for just £50, which is about $70.

Amelia thought that she was going to get the lips of her dreams. However, the procedure did not go as she planned. Shortly after the procedure, she developed warts on her lips. She went back to the clinic, and the staff members told her that it was not a big deal. They gave her another injection, but that made her problems worse. Her lips swelled and turned a bluish color.





After doing some research online, Amelia found out that she had granolomas. Those are areas of inflamed tissue. They are a common complication of silicone lip injections. Amelia will now have to spend over $2,000 to get the injections removed. Amelia is asking the public for help in order to cover the costs of getting the injections removed. She is also sharing this story with others in order to prevent them from going through the same thing. She wants the clinic where she got the injections from to be shut down permanently. She also wants the people who run the clinic to be prosecuted.

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