It Looks Like a Normal Trailer, Then He Pushes This Button…


When you think about a trailer or camper, you might think about a small area with the bare minimum of items inside. One man has remodeled a trailer in a way that makes it look amazing, and all he has to do to reach the inside is to push a button.

The camper is very small in size and is pulled behind a car. A designer from France has come up with various ideas on how to transform the inside of these small homes into something that looks like a house. An advantage is that when you push the button to open the camper, it’s large enough to house the entire family while you’re traveling on the road.

Inside the home, you will find a kitchen, sitting area and bathroom. Although it’s not very roomy, there is enough space to live comfortably. There is 130 square feet in the camper, much more space than you would think it has upon the initial view. The camper expands in width in order to accommodate everything that is inside. There are compartments that make it easy to store all of the furnishings that you want to include, such as a microwave or clothing that you want to have while traveling.

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