If You Buy Bottled Water, You Need To Look For This On The Bottle


Bottled water is one of those resources that many people simply take for granted. There are countless brands of bottled water out there, and many of them come in plastic bottles in order to cut down on production and shipping costs. Plastic water bottles have experienced a vast amount of controversy in regards to how they affect the product held within the plastic, and bottled water drinkers need to be on the look out for certain symbols on bottled water in order to determine what sort of plastic is used in the bottle. While some plastics are perfectly safe for use, others are known to leak chemicals into water or food.

There are seven classifications for plastic used in packaging. Each classification is showcased on the bottle in the form of a small recycling symbol that holds a numeral within between one and seven. Beneath that symbol will be a printed abbreviation of the plastic type in the bottle. The most commonly used plastic for bottled water is PET, which is the first classification. PET has been known to release chemicals into water over time, and those chemicals can cause imbalances in hormone levels. The second classification is HDPE, which is the type used in milk jugs and bottles of detergent. The stiff plastic is the safest type, and many researchers recommend making water bottles from this material.


The third classification is one that many are familiar with. It is called PVC, and it is used in a plethora of products. PVC has the ability to release at least two highly toxic compounds into any food or beverages stored within, so it should be avoided if possible.

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