I Thought It Was Just Another Irish Dance, Then At The 1 Minute Mark It Happens!


As you begin to watch this video, you may think to yourself, “Well, these kids are cute and pretty talented, but this looks like any old Irish jig”. It may seem like that at first, but as the group of six siblings turns into a whopping twelve, watch to see how this beautiful performance evolves!

The first half of the Willis siblings start off by dancing together to a traditional sounding Irish song. Soon we learn that not only can this talented group of youngsters cut a rug, they can also play instruments. As two of the older Wills’ play the violin and guitar along with the song, the rest of the clan show off their best moves. But wait, there’s more! We also see two of the handsome young men have sort of a tap dance slash drum off, which is as adorable as it is amazing. Finishing off the production, all twelve boys and girls come together on stage and give the audience a finale they won’t soon forget.

It is absolutely wonderful to witness a group of young ladies and gentleman, siblings no less, come together and create something beautiful to make people smile. Talented individuals like this deserve a long round of applause for their hard work and dedication to their crafts.

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