He Made One Bad Mistake, Now He’s Dead..And His Mom Wants You To Know THIS!


Connor Reid Eckhardt had his life cut tragically short after taking just one hit of synthetic marijuana. The nineteen-year-old was out with friends when the group decided to legally purchase a package of “Spice” from a local convenience store. Sadly, this decision drove Connor to a coma that required him to be put on life support. After just four days he was declared brain dead, leaving behind a distraught mother with a heavy message.



Had Connor known the dangers of this synthetic drug, he might have thought twice before taking a hit. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only teen to suffer from such consequences. Teens and young adults from all areas of the country have fallen victim to synthetic drug use. Often times they believe that since it is legal, it poses no danger. Synthetic marijuana goes by many names including Spice, K-2, and Potpourri.




Now Connor’s mother is trying to spread awareness to put an end to this issue, and The Connor Project Foundation aims to do just that. “A hit of spice took your life. No other drugs or alcohol were in your body,” says Connors mother. “These drugs do not discriminate. The Connor Project Foundation is about Education, Awareness, and Prevention. Please share Connor’s story. It may just save a life!” Read more about Connor and the dangers of Spice by visiting thedirtiestkeptsecret.org.

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