Elderly Man Jumped On Mom Of Two During Airport Shooting, What He Whispered In Her Ear Is Going Viral


Teacher Annika Dean found herself in the midst of the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting on January 6 and instinctively went to the floor when she heard shots being fired. A few moments later, as the gunman drew closer to her location, an elderly man placed his body over hers and whispered that he would protect her.


Dean, 42, said she was waiting for her bags when the incident began. She immediately realized there was no place to hide. If she had tried to run out the nearby doors, the gunman would have shot her. She decided to go down to the floor and hope for the best. After the man, identified as 70-year-old Tony Bartosiewicz, shielded her body, Dean knew she would live. A short time later, the police arrived and detained the gunman, which allowed the pair to get up and introduce themselves.


Dean thanked Bartosiewicz and called him a hero. She told him that his presence and physical protection brought her comfort and allowed her to see her two children again. The two spoke throughout the day, then parted ways. The Orlando Sentinel was unable to contact Bartosiewicz for a comment, but his daughter said the brave act represented her father’s character.

Reports from Fort Lauderdale are indicating that a shooting at the international airport has left 3 dead and 6 wounded.
According to MSNBC, citing law enforcement sources, a suspect has also been taken into custody at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
A spokesperson for the airport stated the incident occurred at the Terminal 2 baggage claim.
Security at the airport marshaled passengers into numerous areas, underneath jetways and out on the tarmac near a taxi runway.

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