Dip Your Finger Into The Drink And If The Nail Polish Changes Color Call 911 Immediately!


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To spread awareness, many social media users are talking about a 2014 news story regarding a new tool women can use to help prevent assault. Four North Carolina State University college students, male engineering undergrads, designed a nail polish that changes color when exposed to common “date rape” drugs used against unsuspecting women at private homes, bars and parties. The nail polish turns black when exposed to the drugs. A woman merely needs to dip her finger into her drink to detect the drugs.


Although the concept has been hailed by many, there have been a lot of critics of the product. The nail polish has yet to make an appearance on the market. The development has stagnated for the past three years. The Undercover Colors website says “Coming Soon.” The Facebook page suggests that the release will happen this year, but the inventors have not supplied an exact release date.


More importantly, many people have stated that this product is the wrong direction for society to take in regards to rape and rape culture in general. Experts in rape statistics and the psychology of rape have noted that this product will likely increase victim blaming and shaming: If a woman fails to wear the product all of the time and she is raped, they explain, then she could be blamed for her circumstances instead of her attacker. Experts believe the focus should be on tearing down the belief systems that promote rape culture.

Nail polish claims to detect date-rape drugs

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