Amazing Video Shows 9 Months In The Womb In Just Minutes.. WOW!


The miracle of life is just that, a wonderful miracle that promises a bright future, a new hope, and wonderful beginnings that are yet to come. Mothers have been passing around ultrasounds for decades to show off the little one growing inside of them. Those black and white images are usually deciphered to make out which feature matching which parent and met with various ohs and ahs. But in this video, you will see a baby develop all the way to nine months in just a few minutes.

Starting with the sperm entering the egg, you will see the development of everything from the baby’s features to an X-ray view of its’ internal organs growing bigger and getting stronger. While ultrasound photos and videos are fantastic, seeing a diagram of how the fetus grows is an interesting change of pace. It’s wonderful to watch how the fetus moves and thrives in mommy’s womb while becoming an actual little person.

Creating life is a beautiful thing, and with new technologies evolving everyday we are sure to be able to view actual babies during pregnancies. Perhaps this could even help catch diseases and lead to cures for ones that are already prominent in our society. That would surely be a wonderful world!

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