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Founded In 2015, yournationnews.com is a web publication created by an excited team of writers and developers who are dedicated to finding the webs most interesting, fun, relevant, and important stories that are being published on a daily basis.  Since the social media boom began the internet has become flooded with millions of videos, articles, and pictures all competing for likes, shares, and comments.  They often use sketchy tactics and ‘click bait’ headlines to try and grab users attention only to be let down when they find out the article has nothing to do with what they were expecting, and instead they are met with ad after ad to be clicked on.

At yournationnews.com our goal is to publish only the best, most entertaining and important stories being circulated accross social media in a timely manner so you always have fresh content to enjoy.


Our Staff:

Maria Banks

Maria Banks – Director Of Marketing


Christopher Peacock – Head Writer


Mary J. Cooney –  Senior Editor


Ben D. Turner    –    Senior Writer


Victoria Irby – Website Engineer


Elijah McCoy – V.P. Of Business Development


Olivia Emory – Client Relationship Manager


Richard Salcido – Chief Operating Officer


Linda Roy – Client Relationship Manager


Larry N. Ruffin – Senior Designer


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