90% Of New Parents Do This, And It Puts Their Children In Serious Danger…


New parents face many obstacles when deciding what is best for their baby. However, there are some common child care practices that may be doing more harm than good. According to multiple studies done throughout the United States, Japan and Turkey, the swaddling technique is causing hip dysplasia in infants.

Swaddling is a calming method used on fussy infants. The idea is that if you gently restrict a baby’s ability to move they will become calmer. Parents may use light blankets or commercial products when swaddling their babies. While this method can be effective, it is important to monitor the pressure a baby is being exposed to. If the swaddle is too tight around the baby’s legs, they can experience significant joint issues. In severe cases, their hips may be dislocated, causing pain and potentially long-term damages. This doesn’t mean parents should avoid swaddling altogether, however, they should follow certain steps to keep their baby safe.


There are multiple methods parents may use when swaddling their baby including the diamond method and square method. Such methods are safe to use as long the baby’s legs can move freely. Gently place their arm straight against their sides or across their chest to before securing them. Do not tighten the blanket around their hips or legs. There should always be enough room for the baby’s legs to be spread out with their hips open. This will ensure optimal conditions for healthy development.

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