64 Years Ago This Performance Made History..I Can Still Watch It Over And Over


Thinking of country music today, performers such as Kasey Musgraves, Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lampbert may stand out as favorites. After all, they seem to sweep the competition at awards shows each season, and have countless adoring fans who support them. But country music has changed immensely in the last few decades, and this clip proves it.

Kitty Wells may not be a household name today, but she certainly made history sixty-four years ago. Though she was nearly banned from performing at the Grand Ole Opry, in 1952 she took the stage in spite of her many naysayers. “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honkey Tonk Angels” rubbed some folks the wrong way, as its’ lyrics defended women which put the song well ahead of its’ time. Kitty’s performing this piece will always stand out in time as a defining moment in country music for those from the era.

Many changes in the industry have occurred since the day Kitty stepped onto that stage. Female country artists are now speaking their mind, penning lyrics about leaving their cheating significant other, or even just having some fun with their girlfriends. Perhaps this would have been possible without Kitty’s determination, or perhaps it may not have. In any case, the song is a beautiful piece with a lovely message.

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